Decorative Wood Paints


Our collection of wood paint doesn’t just offer lacquer, varnishes and basic colour paints, MAS also has a collection of very unique, special effect wood paints that mirror the effect of leather, suede, crackle, marble and more, allowing designers and furniture manufacturers to create new and innovative looks.

Faux finishes can add ultra-luxe to your walls. If you are looking for a finish that looks gorgeous and touchable see our collection and achieve the rich authentic characteristics you desire.


Leather Effect

The leather effect faux finishes can add ultra-luxe to your walls and furniture. If you are looking for a finish that looks gorgeous and touchable, leather, finishing are the way to achieve the rich authentic characteristics desired. This product is not only environmentally friendly, but with faux leather, there is no harm to animals.

Marble Effect

Marbleizing helps create the variegated look of veins in marble and encapsulate the beauty of the old world. Architectural details in your home such as columns, corbels and other details can be transformed and bring the old-world style to your modern home.



Linol Art

A transpiring decorative paint with a beautiful stained antique rust effect. Transform areas into sophisticated renaissance themed environments with these decorative solutions and turn your environment into a space of unique refined elegance.

Crackle Effect
Crackle effect can be achieved with the combination of two colours or the variation of two tones of the same colour. It appears as a lovely broken effect in a a choice of small or large crackle finish. The final look is a gorgeous and touchable finish.

Granite Effect
You can achieve the beautiful look of granite for a fraction of the cost.

Pearlescent finishes are a special polurethane varnish based on poly- functional saturated polyester and selected pearlescent pigments. It is developed to give all kinds of wood a mother-of-pearl effect and can achieved different degrees of pearlescence.